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Sunday, October 9, 2022

One wonderful story of Gautama Buddha

  shekharagouda       Sunday, October 9, 2022
                🙏   Sparshamani    🙏

Once Gautama Buddha took shelter one night in the house of a poor fisherman and accepted his hospitality. When he got up in the morning, Buddha bowed to the fisherman and said, "I will give you something to thank you for your hospitality." The poor fisherman asked Mahaswami that he is a great man I am very poor I want a lot of gold. Buddha smiled, I can't hand you the gold directly, you will have to work hard to get it, go to the sea shore where there are thousands of frog shells. One of them is the frog shell 'Sparshamani'. If a frog shell is removed one by one and 'touched' any iron object, the object turns to sugarcane and becomes 'gold'. Buddha told him to go to the sea shore and find as much gold as you want, and set off on his journey.

Then the fisherman ran to the seashore. He came with an iron nail in his hand. He wandered a lot on the beach and collected a lot of frog shells. He came close to the deep sea where there was no traffic. He chose the right place and sat down. He used to take one frog shell in his right hand and attach it to the iron nail in his left hand. If he could not see whether the iron nail was gold, he would throw it into the sea knowing that it was an ordinary frog shell. This went on for a long time. Later it became a kind of mechanism for him. To take a frog's shell is to stick it to a nail and to put it in the sea. A long time passed like this. Although he was very thirsty and hungry, he continued this work with desire. Night passed and morning came. He was shocked. Because the iron nail in his left hand had once become a golden nail. But I don't know which frog shell it was.
He also threw that frog shell into the sea. By then, among the thousands of shells that he had thrown into the sea, even the gold-making Prashmani shell had joined the deep sea water.
Dejected, the fisherman returned home, cursing Lord Buddha and denying his destiny. He continued to live a life of poverty.

It will be an experience for us as a fisherman too. No matter what golden opportunities come once in a while, there are those who waste their lives waiting for more opportunities. Marriages are postponed due to such demands that parents of girls should be engineers and doctor educated boys, mother-in-law should not live with in-laws.
Daughters who remain unmarried, like sons, want a daughter-in-law at work, want to be a house girl of the rich, just like a boy's hair falls out in old age, there are sons who remain unmarried. If you keep putting off opportunities, you will miss out more. It is not wrong to have a desire, it is unfortunate to spend a lifetime for it.
Earnestly, knowing that the occasion is 'Sparshmani'
If the work to be done is completed at the time it is to be done, all the work done becomes gold.

(This is just my opinion.)

"Madhu sikto nimbakhaha,h
Dugda Pushto Bhujangamaha
Ganga Snatopi Durjana,
Svabhavam Naiva Premchati”.

Even if honey is applied to a neem stalk, milk is sprinkled on a snake, even if a bad person takes a bath in the Ganges, no one's nature changes.


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