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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Who's the best friend to end season of your life ?

  shekharagouda       Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Who's the best friend to end season of your life
On that day, I noticed that the grandfather was very sad in that old age home.. I asked what happened to the grandfather? Grandpa said sadly, "My iron rod is broken". Just like that, a new one was brought..👍.
Grandpa said this... " Yes, I can bring a new one but this crutch has been with me for 10 years. I am 94 years old now in the year 84 when 3 children chased me from their bungalow, when my beloved wife left me and went to God, when everyone left my hand, my friend said I am with you, when everyone said you are useless, Apat Bandava who held my hand saying hold me, when I walked hold oThis crutch is my friend who reminds me every day, seeing the tears falling from my sad eyes for 10 years and walking with me saying that I am with you..."At that time, grandfather's eyes were teary, I understood his sentiment.😥😥🥱
 Kodi Grandpa, your friend's leg is only broken... I went to the hospital and bandaged it, so I put 2 iron clamps on the same crutch and welded it and brought it in the evening..👌👌
Grandpa's face was going to be like this... There was something in Khushi's heart about the return of the departed spouse to the loved one. 👌👌😃
This is not the story of a grandfather but the sad story of every old man in every old age home, the last story of life 😥😥... Crutches are precious possessions for such old people who are judged by the children who have to be with them in the last days.
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