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Friday, November 18, 2022

A beautiful story that tells you not to compare yourself to someone else

  shekharagouda       Friday, November 18, 2022
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A beautiful story that tells you not to compare yourself to someone else

Some people think that others have better facilities and opportunities than they have. Money, beauty, education, property, position...they keep comparing themselves with others in every matter. This habit of comparing ourselves with others is not good. We should use the facilities we have and make better efforts to make full use of them and not suffer by comparing ourselves with others. A good story that conveys that kind of message has gone viral at the moment. In this story our thoughts are simply told through some birds.

A crow lived in a forest. Its life was going well. But seeing the swan in the pond nearby, he said, 'It is very white and beautiful. I am black' started feeling pain. One day he went to the swan and said, 'You are very beautiful. You will be happy, won't you?' The swan replied to the crow saying, 'I am indeed beautiful. But Gilirama is more beautiful than me in two colors. Compared to that, I am nothing.' Hearing this, the crow went to the parrot and said, 'You are more beautiful than a swan.' To this the parrot said, 'I have only two colors. Peacock is very beautiful with colorful feathers. People are competing to see it. ' said. The crow went to the zoo to see the peacock. There are crowds of people to see it. After they all left, the crow and the peacock said, 'You are more beautiful than the swan and the parrot. You are lucky. All the people are coming to see you.' Because of this, Navilu was scared and said, 'Hmm, what is your are beautiful, they have brought me to this zoo.' There is not even a single crow here. All of them are comfortably roaming in the outside world. I have often wondered why I was not born as a crow. After the peacock said that, the crow became enlightened.

People who compare themselves with others have no luck. By doing this, they lose their knowledge and ability. They will have their specialty. They have their problems too. It reminds us that we can live a contented life if we make good use of the facilities available to us.

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