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Saturday, November 19, 2022

A small spoonful of sugar saved the family!

  shekharagouda       Saturday, November 19, 2022
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A small spoonful of sugar saved the family!

Here is a heartwarming little incident. The couple, who had only one son aged six and seven, were ordinary people like everyone else. Every now and then, as happens in all husbands and wives, there were resentments for small things. There were also small fights. But they were not fighting only in front of their son. There was a warning that the fight should not affect the son's innocent mind. If both of them see their only son, Panchaprana! One night, parents and their son were sitting for dinner. Everything was fine. That day she made him a very favorite stew. As soon as he tasted the stew, he said, “What kind of stew is this? Nothing sweet! Even after all these years, you will not know how to make payasam. Do you know how well our mother used to make payas?" He said. She immediately said “Houdree! I do the same work as you. I will bring the same salary as you. Your mother never read a single letter. He was not earning a single rupee. However, you praise the cooking they were doing. You hate my cooking. "If I had been sitting at home unemployed like him, I would have learned to cook better than him." He immediately said, "Admit that you don't know how to cook." But don't treat our mother as illiterate, unemployed. "I can find a hundred and eight faults in your father and mother." Thus, word by word grew between them. In the rush of words, the son had forgotten for a while that he was watching their fight. But when both of them noticed that their son was watching their fight with his mouth shut and in pain, they realized their mistake. He immediately got up and went to his wife, holding her hand and saying, “Oh! I made such a mistake. In a fit of anger, I left you with something. I am ashamed of my behavior. Forgive me" and hugged her lightly. She was also surprised to see the sudden change in her husband. They also realized that their son was watching their fight. She immediately said, “No. My own fault. I was thinking of something while making the stew. Forgive me." He got up and brought a spoonful of sugar and added it to the stew. Gave it to her husband. He ate it and said “Wow! Great. We had such a big fight over not having a small spoonful of sugar! Have you forgiven me?" Then she said, "You have forgiven me too?" He laughed loudly. Then the son also joined in their laughter. That night, before going to sleep, his little son went to God's house. Close your eyes, fold your hands and say, “Oh God! It is not enough to make me a big man like my parents after growing up. Make him big-minded like them" he asked! The father and mother who were standing behind noticed the son's prayer. As if they came inside and asked, "We should be as big a man and big minded as our son thinks"! When there is a fight in our life too, we can think if a small spoon can solve our fight! Can try to be big-minded!

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