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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

How's important of Support is in our Life

  shekharagouda       Wednesday, November 16, 2022
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While looking at the laptop, Lata asked without looking at the girl who was standing in front of her, "S what?"...Ma'am, I really need a job. Look at the PUC marks card ma'am doing my degree in this correspondence...see my work only for one month then remove me if needed...MD Lata of the company looked up at the girl who kept telling her that she is studying in her own high school, her mother is suffering from illness, she does not have HR degree and she is not giving me a job.
A natural beauty of innocence...the shade of poverty was visible in the clothes she was wearing. As per the company rules, no job can be given without a degree. I'm sorry, can't help, try after degree Lata got up and left. The girl was standing there wiping her tears with sadness and disappointment.

Even if you sleep at night, you can't sleep. Yako, that girl's humble face is reflected in front of your eyes. Something had to help. Yako's eyes dimmed...Lata's mind ran back fifteen years. Yes, I was standing in the same situation that day. Having studied only in class 10, I needed to earn money to surviveI remembered that my father had run away fearing responsibility, my mother used to do two house cooking jobs and bring the rest of the meals to fill the stomachs of me and my sisters. Since my elder sister was not educated, she used to make buttons, hooks, rings, and buttons in the tailor shop next door after finishing her housework, and the daily earnings of 20 were spent on vegetablesMy sister is small. She passed class 10 with good marks and was dreaming of college, but mother's health gave up.
The dream of studying fell under the responsibility of the family.
Lata got up and opened the door when she heard a knock on the door while I was thinking about the necessity of work to fill my stomach, where should I look and who should I ask for as a 10th class studentShe called the middle-aged young woman who had come to ask her sister as she needed the blouse to be sewn quickly and told her to sit down that she would give it to her in half an hour. Talking to Latha who brought coffee, the young lady told about running a small private school. Lata, who was looking for a job, remembered that she had asked if she would be given a job in the school, so that she would be able to make a living. After getting support, I went to school the next day and talked to Mukashthe, after explaining everything about the hardships of my home, my desire to study, I put a line for UKG books early in the morning, after doing my homework, I can go to college, I have to think in the presence of that madam who is the beacon of lifeGoing forward with school work, tuition, and college, he supported the life of his mother, elder sister and younger sister, he got a master's degree and is in a high job. She married her sisters, kept her mother close to her, married an educated man, and became the mother of sweet children. Education is a real asset. If I had only focused on work then, this achievement would not have been possible. Education is the jewel of a higher life. Even though I was on the same difficult path, why did I come this way, I felt that I had to help that girl.
The next day after leaving the office, Lata got engrossed in work by asking her to call the PUC girl who had come yesterday.
In an hour the same girl came and stood. Tea said Lata motioning the girl to sit. The old woman was sitting shyly. Come to work from tomorrow and continue your studies, as if you have conquered the world, the excitement on your face was reflected. She said that you have become the support of life after your hand is finished.That girl lost to the friendship of Tea Kudi. Lata paid her respects to that goddess who helped her that day... She took a new step with confidence, dreaming of being like Lata madam, studying and becoming a gate to the lives of girls like me and their families.. That girl......

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