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Friday, March 29, 2024

Outgoing Lok Sabha has 44% MPs with criminal record

  shekharagouda       Friday, March 29, 2024

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Save Tree and Save Soil

Outgoing Lok Sabha has 44% MPs with criminal record

 Upwards of 225 sitting Lok Sabha MPs have criminal bodies of evidence against them, as per an examination by the Relationship for Popularity based Changes (ADR). This comprises 44% of the all out sitting MPs in the active Lok Sabha. The report was delivered in front of races to the eighteenth Lok Sabha.

Here are a few top discoveries of the report:

Out of the 514 sitting Lok Sabha MPs investigated, 225(44%) MPs pronounced criminal bodies of evidence against themselves. Upwards of 149 (29%) sitting MPs proclaimed serious lawbreaker bodies of evidence against them.

A portion of these serious cases are connected with murder, endeavor to kill, common disharmony, capturing and wrongdoings against ladies.

A. Murder cases: 

Nine MPs pronounced murder bodies of evidence against them. Out of these, five MPs are from the BJP, one MP each from the Congress, BSP and YSRCP and one MP is a free, the ADR report said.

B. Crimes against Women: 16 sitting MPs declared cases related to crimes against women. Of these, three declared cases related to rape (IPC Section-376).

. Party-wise MPs with criminal cases


The ADR report expressed out of 294 sitting BJP MPs broke down, 118 (40%) proclaimed criminal arguments against themselves in their oaths. Upwards of 87 MPs (30%) announced serious lawbreaker cases.


Out of 46 Congress MPs, 26 (57%) referenced criminal cases in their sworn statements. Upwards of 14 (30%) proclaimed serious lawbreaker cases.


11 (46%) out of 24 sitting MPs from the DMK proclaimed criminal cases and 7 (29%) pronounced serious crook cases.


8 (42%) out of 19 sitting MPs from the TMC announced criminal cases and 4 (21%) pronounced serious crook cases.


12 (75%) out of 16 MPs from JD(U) pronounced criminal cases and 8 (half) proclaimed serious crook cases.

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