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Friday, February 18, 2022

How to Educate Dull Student

  shekharagouda       Friday, February 18, 2022
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  Education Experts suggested these points to be improvement of Dull students

👉 1) Think

Teachers! The more you think about a particular student’s flaws and strengths, the more you will be able to guide him/her in the right way. Understand the core problem. It may be anything like friends, family, society, food, sanitation, health or any personal condition.
👉 2) Psychological analysis

Academic pressure can lead to mental disorders in children. Proper investigation will surely help to get the reason behind the less concentration on the studies. If not cured, take the help of psychiatrists.
👉 3) Many times, it has been observed that weak students are unable to understand a lesson correctly because he/she has failed to grasp the previous lesson. Individual teaching can help in this regard.
Scolding and harsh punishment may discourage a weak child. He may get scared of sharing his problems. Therefore, find the vulnerable students’ strength and utter encouraging words for him/her. Confidence is the keyword. It will make him/her feel his worth and importance.
👉 5) Timetable

Make a proper timetable for the weak student. Students are not matured. They make mistakes by not following the goal to study well and earn good grades. Teachers can help them in dividing the given time into various slots for completing each topic, revise and give exams. Doing the appropriate thing at the proper time can achieve the goal.
👉 6) Recall

We all forget things and incidents. Some of us forget more than others. Similarly, forgetful students should be taken extra care so that they can recall and don’t lose their confidence. Repeated revision of the same chapter, answering questions on the same topic over and over again can solve the problem. Mock tests also help.
👉 7) Personal training

It’s quite evident that good students will do well. So, the teachers usually concentrate more on the healthy children in the class. But, one must look after the weaks as well as they need personal preference from the tutors. Pleasant and polite behavior with individual care can boost the confidence and willpower, and the not so good students can come up with excellent grades in the future.
8) Mock tests

Taking small tests on two to three chapters together after completing teaching them, weak students will get the notion of the probable questions and answers. If there is still any doubt left in any portion, teachers can solve them.
9) Private tuition

Though everybody doesn’t need to spend extra bucks on extra coaching, yet, some students require individual training after the scheduled school hours. A couple of more hours of tuition can improvise the laid-back parts of the below average students.
10) No teasing

Mocking weak students in front of the whole class can demotivate them. Then, the above average students will bully the not- so- brilliant ones that shatter them from inside. The teachers must encourage equality and friendship among all the students in the class.
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