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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

A change of experience in a part of life

  shekharagouda       Tuesday, October 18, 2022
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A change of experience in a part of life 

It is true that life deepens and knowledge grows with experience. However, it is equally true that sometimes past experiences can stand in the way of future decisions. Govinda works hard for the growth of his company. He has done a lot of preparation for today's talks with another company. He did not even sleep for four days. All negotiations went well and an agreement was reached. As a result, the company will surely get a profit of twenty lakh rupees.

Govinda walked home very happy. He said to his wife, 'Haven't I told you? There was a new agreement. Everything went as I expected. Will it not happen? I wore the same red tie today too!' Govinda is sure, if you wear a red tie, you are guaranteed to get a job. He is an international level cricketer. But, while walking into the field, never walk with the left foot, always stand and walk with the right foot inside. It is not that he has scored a century every time. However, if you accidentally go with your left foot, you cannot remove the R, because once you go like that, it is as if you are out. If the guy next door is going for some important work, he will tell his wife and make the girl next door meet him as he is coming out. If she is at work, he waits for her to come. She is a very good omen for him. It is sure to work if she comes across. A lot of times when she came forward, there was something that didn't work. But, if she does not come, it will not happen.

This is what the Russian scientist Pavlov says. Once something is experienced, the belief that it will be the same in the future also matures. When going to put a geyser in the toilet, the switch gets a strong shock and every time the hand goes near the switch, it is scary. If you were bitten by a dog in childhood, you will be afraid of dogs till the end. Some decide what work not to do on Tuesday. Because they believe that any work done on Tuesday will not be successful. The great American scientist Carlsagas says, 'Something will happen.

Then there will be some constellation. Again, when a similar event happens after hundreds of years, if there is a cluster of stars by chance, we do not perceive it as a coincidence and conclude that it is a moment of disaster. Yesterday's events do not cause today's events. Your mind's fear of being like that can dampen your confidence, stifle your mindset, and so on. Nakshatra Kuta, Grahakuta is not the reason for that. The main reason for that is the reluctance of your mind. This is very true. We should learn from yesterday's incident, review it wisely and proceed. But, that experience should not bind our further decision, should not push us to superstition.
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