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Saturday, October 15, 2022

The Begger of Malladahalli Abhinava Dhanavantari

  shekharagouda       Saturday, October 15, 2022
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'Thiruka' of Malladihalli, Abhinava Dhanvantari

Once upon a time there was an old gentleman who used to come as a guest in that institution which was famous everywhere. At the railway station they were met by a man who looked like a simple wage earner and carried their luggage as if he had come to pick them up. He brought them to the institution and introduced all the accommodation facilities and told them to rest and left. Then the guests asked, "When can I meet Buddhi?". He said, "They will find themselves after resting, bathing, and eating." He left there. The distinguished guests who came finished their breakfast, had lunch and dinner. Wherever he looked, he could not see the boss he had imagined working with everyone who had brought him in the morning. Again he asked him "When will I meet Buddhi?". He will meet you after the evening prayer came the reply. When the prayer was over, he did not see any of those wise men on the path where he was waiting, but it was the hired man who was coming here. The guests asked another person nearby that it was useless to believe him. Why is Buddhi visible to me in the morning?" The man replied in surprise, "Swami, he does not hide anywhere except the ashram, he pointed to the man who looked like a wage earner." The guests who came were shocked"Malladihalli Raghavendra Swami, who came as a laborer in the morning and worked tirelessly day and night as one with everyone, was the one they longed to meet!" His mind was stupid.

Raghavendraswamy of Malladihalli is famous as Malladihalli Swami. 'Thiruka' is his nickname. Always dressed in white and smiling. He taught everyone yoga and cured their diseases. It is a fact that he turned to yoga to get relief from many ailments that plagued him. Many of his ailments went away due to constant yoga practice. His disciplined Yogasanas are the secret of his health; Due to the century. He established Ananta Sevashrama at Malladihalli. Called 'Swamiji' by people, he is not like other Swamijis we come across. Kavi did not wear it. He used to work with his disciples wearing only white khadi pants and a half-sleeved shirt. A strict routine, disciplined sepoys lead a simple life. Live for service.

Malladihalli Swami was born on 18.03.1891. Although originally born in Kerala, Malladihalli Swami merged his ties in Malladihalli and became a son of Kannada soil. This Swami of Malladihalli, who lived a long life of 106 years and guided many, ended his worldly business in Bangalore in 1996.

Malladihalli Swami was a Mahasadhak, an ascetic, a paramayogacharya, a great organizer, a Nishkama Karmayogi of a meaningful life. Preferably an expert in Ayurveda. Popularly known as 'Abhinava Dhanvantari'. His arrival at Malladihalli in Holalkere taluk of Chitradurga district was a boon for the people there. As inspired by his guru 'Sivananda', he went to every corner of Karnataka, village to village, accepted Kayaka as a 'pooja' to save the Dalits, the poor and the helplessled to advances.Heeding the demand of the citizens of Malladihalli in 1943, those who came there devoted more than 50 years of their life to its prosperity.

Malladihalli Swamigala's father Ananta Padmanabha Namboodari, originally from Kerala, was an astrologer, Mahapandit; He used to solve the problems of people who came to him. 'Padmambal''s mother, Mahasadhvi. The child born to him was named 'Kumaraswamy'. At birth, the baby was afflicted with 'Child Disease'. The child's mother, about 14 years old, without feeling any emotion, takes her to the Mukambika temple in far-off Kollur for worship. Padmamba and Namboodari died due to exhaustion, old age and diseases. However, his 'Kolluru Mukambika Ammanavara Yatra' went through the inaccessible path of the forest, picking up his 14-year-old son. He came to a village called Barakuru in Dakshina Kannada and stayed at the house of Sri Narasimhaiah.

At the same time, the then abbot of Mantralaya, who was staying at Barakur, blessed and blessed this boy, and mother Padmambal felt some relief. The Yatis of Mantralaya called the boy 'Raghavendra'. By that time, Padmambal's health had deteriorated so much that he could not continue his journey and died crying in Barakuri, unable to see his son's condition. Namboodari gave the boy to Yakshagana Pandit, orator, Ramayana Mahabharata commentator Narasimhaiya and his Madadi Putthalibai on the advice of his friend Ramachandrashastri of Bhirti. On Ugadi 1906, he surrendered and went to the Himalayas for penance.

Putthalibai made a remarkable change in Kumaraswamy by sacrificing everything for his upbringing and motherly love. As the days went by, there was a miraculous change in the boy. In a few months he was like everyone else.

Among those who helped in giving a new turn in Raghavendra's life were his childhood teachers, Sivaramaiah, Nityanandaswamy who preached 'Tarakamantra', Ranganathabhatta, Sivananda Sri of Varudh, Prof. Baroda. Manikya Rao, Palaniswami are very important. While preaching Tarakamantra (Shaktipata Yoga), Swami Nityananda placed his hand on Raghava's head. Many yogis also taught him. It was Yathivarya Swami Sivananda who first instilled in him a clear idea of ​​'God'. It was for him to develop the vision to see God in the sick, in the poor, in the poor, God - is a vision - to see the whole world as God, and to develop purity for him.

Raghavendra's high school undergraduate studies took place in Kundapur. He learned the art of Shabdhavedhi in Baroda at the famous Jumkadada Gymnasium established by Professor Manikyaraya, the 130-year-old student of Jumkadada, Bala Brahmachari, who was famous as the Bhishma of the Kali Yuga. He passed the first class there and graduated in the presence of 'Acharya Baba Lakshmanadas', the great physician of Lahore. Before this, he learned Ayurveda, Siddhavidya, Asti Sandhana art, Unani system of medicine at Kaivalyadham ashram of Lakshmanadas. Before going to Lahore he had perfect knowledge of 368 asanas. He engaged himself in the teaching of Atmavidya like Suryanamaskaras, Yogasanas, Pranayama etc. and became an expert in Yoga Vidya. Raghavendra had divine brilliance. He was Vajrakaya from yoga practice. His physique and body shape inspired sculptors and sculptors.

Maruti inaugurated a gym at Bhatkal. The 'Ananta Sevashram' established by Raghavendra grew into a 'Sevakutira' for orphans and poor children. Aharnishi worked hard for the all-round development of Anathasevashram along with his disciple 'Sooradasa Ji' (Suryanarayana in Purvashram).

He explained the 'Ashtanga Yoga' of Tantra Yoga to the aspirants and aspirants.

Every year in the month of Shravana, he used to observe 'Maunavrata' for one month.

The Swamis of Malladihalli have contributed many valuable books to this society.4 Poems, 9 Novels, 12 Dramas, 2 Lyric Dramas, 7 One-act Plays, 1 Verse Literature 3 Story Collections, 4 Ayurveda, 4 Yoga (Includes “Brihat Yoga Darshan” Yoga Volume) 5 Exercises, 2 Others 1 Self-Revelation 3 Jolly Pavada – This is Raghavendra's autobiography.

When the Karnataka government repeatedly proposed the Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awards to honor him, his reply was, “I don't want them; There is lack of funds for ashram activities. Give it”. Even when Kuvempu University informed him about the doctorate, his stance did not change. He had to get help from donors for all the expenses of the ashram. There was no permanent funding system. A small amount of money came from the sale of the many books he wrote and from his Sarvodaya Press. They used to go begging with their bags attached.

In 1991, Raghavendra's 100th birth anniversary was celebrated by the people of the town and well-wishers of the ashram. At that time a small book written by him 'Atma Nivedane' came out. He wrote an autobiography, 'Joligeya Pavada'. He had already suffered from a heart attack. Again in 1996, he suffered a heart attack.

He was in a 'coma' for over a month and never regained consciousness. On August 31, 1996, he left this and walked to the screen saying 'Butti Gantu Thiritinnu, Igde Nana Uriige'.

The great soul who brought light to the lives of thousands of people, worked for the betterment of society throughout their lives and made their lives 'meaningful', merged in the infinite.

The high schools, children's hostels, Banashankari Amma Temple, colleges, physical education college, Ayurveda college, teacher training college built and raised by the Swami are now expanding and making their own contribution towards building a better society.
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