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Friday, October 14, 2022

How do real relationships work?

  shekharagouda       Friday, October 14, 2022
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       How do real relationships work?

Panchagao was in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a small village. There, Govardhana Dasa ran a grocery store. Assisted in his nephew's beautiful work. One evening Govardhana Dasa was coming home when he saw something falling on the wall in front of the house. If you look closer, it is a vulture. It is trying to fly. But, can't fly. Its leg must be injured. It is very cold outside. It rattles and shakes. It felt like it would die if it stayed like this all night in the cold. Govardhana dasa took the vulture gently and took it inside the house. He laid down in the corner of the corridor. A small fire was lit in the distance and made warm. Some food was brought for it. In two days the vulture recovered. Garigadari flew away. Govardhana Dasa is happy. The vulture flew to his house and called all his relatives. He told them all about the favors done by Govardhana Dasa and said that they all should do something to thank him.

Then another vulture suggested. "When we fly around, if we come across any valuable thing, let's pick it up and put it in the yard of Govardhana Dasa's house." All the vultures said the same. From the next day, these eagles flew in all directions, wherever they saw jewels and valuable clothes, they flew down and picked them up and put them in the yard of Govardhan Dasa's house. Govardhana Dasa was surprised and afraid. I don't know whose things they are. Since he was honest, he removed all those things separately. When his nephew's handsome father-in-law was not at home, he used to pick up the fallen things himself. Many citizens lost their valuables and went and complained to the king. The king told his messengers to watch out for the flight of vultures. Sundar got greedy. If he himself goes and tells the king that his father-in-law has struck all the things, he will be arrested by the emissary. Then he complained that all the things he had collected would become his.

The royal envoys arrested Govardhana Dasa and took him away. Govardhana dasa told the king everything that happened in detail and handed over all the things he got. The lost people came and got their belongings. Some things were never found. Because they were beaten beautifully. When the servant, who had honestly returned all these things honestly, instructed the messengers as to why he should have kept only a few, they followed him without Sundara's knowledge, seized those things and arrested him. Govardhana Dasa was very sad. He was saddened that the gratitude of the vultures was not lost on the man, the son-in-law Sundar. Hasn't it happened many times in our life? Those who are not related at all, those who are the most distant in the relationship, help unexpectedly, unsolicited. However, it is the closest blood relatives who keep the scissors at our feet. A true relationship is this bond of intimacy. Stranger people, animals and birds that correspond to the feelings of our heart seem to be more important than superficial relationships. How are you? .
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