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Friday, October 21, 2022

Loss of life

  shekharagouda       Friday, October 21, 2022
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                     Loss of life

Many of the stories of the great Russian philosopher and writer Leo Tolstoy are fascinating. Here is one of them.

There was a landlord in a town. He has a lot of family. A palatial house. He had many servants to fulfill his wishes. The produce grown on his hundreds of acres of land made him richer every year. However, there was something unsatisfied and sad in him. He is worried about his wealth. There is still so much vacant land in his town. It would be nice to have it all! The rich man worried and went to the king. That king and himself both studied in the same school and were very close friends then. Even now that friendship remained the same. On that courage, when he went to the rich king, he also showed great respect. After that speech, the king heard what had come. Then the rich man told his wish. The king laughed and said it could be. But there is a condition for that. A rich man with a desire for land was ready for any condition.

The king said, 'Get as much land as you want. It depends on your strength. Come outside our city tomorrow morning. You have to leave there at exactly six o'clock. No matter how far you walk or run, it is okay. Return to the same place exactly at 6 pm. We decree that whatever distance you travel, it is all yours'. There is no escape from the rich man's happiness. That night I could not sleep because of the excitement. He went at half past five in the morning and stood at the appointed place. The king came at the right time. Rich's walk began with a six hit. He felt happy that all the land he walked on was his own. He felt the desire to own as much land as possible. If this happens, he will start running for debt. Ran, ran, breath hitched in chest, tongue dry.

Is he a small boy? Do you have a running habit? Yet the craze to gain more ground drove him. He calculated. He has a total of twelve hours. So run as fast as possible for six hours to cover more ground, then run back at the same speed to reach the starting point. The heat is rising, the energy is fading. However, it ran until eleven in the afternoon. Then started running back. Legs started shaking, stomach cramps started. Waterlogging was life-sucking. But if he did not reach the place where the king was standing, he ran, thinking that all his running would be in vain. Eyes dimmed, head dimmed. However, with the force of desire, he gathered all his strength and ran.

As the time approached six o'clock, the king and his entourage were standing in a fog. It is enough to touch that line, everything he walks around is his own. Chest palpitation increased. He came close to the line where the king was standing. He collapsed and lost all his strength. Never woke up again. He ran wildly and did not touch the ground. A man who lived well was a victim of greed. That is why Dasaru told us about our life. If you get this much, you want more, if you get that much, you want more. Difficulty is bad, happiness is bad, loss is life-long, Purandara Vithala'. This excessive desire, and more, is really the desire of loss of life, because it results in loss of a happy life. 
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