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Saturday, October 29, 2022


  shekharagouda       Saturday, October 29, 2022
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             The story of Buddha

When 'Gautama Buddha' was in Vaishali, he came to see a Buddha called 'Maulindaputta'. He had read a lot and learned everything. Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, all these were drunk as Karatalamalak. He was knowledgeable enough to tell everything no matter how he was asked. In those days, those who knew so much would argue their intelligence with other pundits and win and aspire to get a victory letter from the loser. Even this Maulinga Putta was an exception to this and had already argued his scholarship with other scholars in many places and had won many letters of victory.

Some people said that they were planning to leave some more. Instead of going here and there to many places, go directly to the Buddha and argue and you will get the Jaya Patra.
He said that there is no greater victory than that.
Knowing this, 'Maulindaputta' came to Buddha to argue. 'Gautama Buddha' was sitting under a tree. Maulindaputta was standing in front of him with Dhimaka. He had the pride that he knew a lot. When the Buddha saw him and asked why he had come, my name is Maulindaputta, you must have heard my name, right? Yes, I heard your name. For those who don't know my name, now I have come to discuss with you, that is, should we do the 'argument' now or leave it for another two days or when will we do it? how asked that. Buddha laughed a little seeing his face and said, "I will let you know in two days or not today."

Seeing this, Maulinda Putta said why are you smiling at me. Tell me what's so funny? It reminded me of Buddha or something like that. No, I don't believe it, it's not just a smile, I have to tell you, Mandu fell on his knees. Hogli Bidu said why waste time again. That's not possible. Tell me why you laughed at me.

Then the Buddha began to speak. I went to another province for Chaturmas a couple of years ago. He should stay there for four months. It is a village. There was a house at the top of the village. A man was sitting on the lawn next to the house. Every day the same man was sitting in the same place. I used to see this every day. As the light was flowing, the bulls, buffaloes, horses, goats, goats and other animals of the villages around the town would pass in front of his house and go to the forest to graze. This man used to count every buffalo, ox, goat, horse, cow-calf that passed by. He was counting how much there was. He used to count them all as they went to graze and came back in the evening. He knew how many animals had gone and how many animals had come.

One day I will go to him and ask him every day like this cow, sheep, horse, ox, counting everything when they go, counting when they come, are these all yours? asked that.
Does that man exist anywhere? I am a poor man, where should he come so close to me? Did the Buddha insult even one cow in it? asked that. No, Swami said that a cow is not mine. So why do you count? asked that. To that the man simply said that it is an obsession for me.

When I saw you, I remembered him and said to Maulingaputta that he laughed. Because you have also read Sikkapatta, but have you written at least one? No isn't it? Veda, Purana, Upanishad, all were written by different people. Is there anything in it that is yours? Is there anything you have experienced yourself? Or have you read and experienced it? Buddha answered the barrage of questions. 'Maulingaputta' had no answer what to say. Leave for a while Buddha said you stay here for a while. He said let us discuss by the next full moon.

Now sitting and thinking, Maulingaputta started to worry that this was not the case. Well, as the Buddha said, he began to stay there and every day he sat under the tree and observed thousands of people coming to the Buddha. Every day thousands of people come near Buddha. They sit there for some time and bow to the Buddha before leaving. Still others will ask their problems. After giving some solution to it, Buddha will leave peacefully. Thus thousands of people used to come every day. Buddha was converting people.

By then the full moon had arrived. Buddha called Maulingaputta to debate. When Maulindaputta came near the Buddha, he placed everything he had brought near the Buddha's feet and bowed with a long stick. I'm sorry, and that said I don't want any discussion. Please accept me as your disciple, that's enough. Because I had read enough but I didn't know how to change the mind, I learned by watching you.

Only when the learned knowledge is put into practice will its usefulness be found.

"Buddham Sharanam Gachchami!
Sangham Sharanam Gachchami!
Dammam Sharanam Gachchami!

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