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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

All is well when She fighting pain.

  shekharagouda       Tuesday, November 8, 2022
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All is well when She fighting pain.

True, one should learn to love life from such people!At his home on the outskirts of Bangalore, when he was speaking on Independence Day (August 15), the sense of awareness of how to be freed from the bondage of hardships and pains was strengthened by itself, introducing the indomitability and immensity of life. In the race of life there are those who win awards like Best Actor, Best Player, Singer etc. However, he won the Best Patient Award! Surprised? This Shahbabsgiri has got an extraordinary effort to give self-confidence and love of life to other patients while fighting with the disease. If some hardships come back to back, we write 'God has done us a lot of injustice!' This woman praises God every day for the gift of life. By the way, if he does not undergo dialysis three days a week, he does not know how and what will happen tomorrow!

Ashrita Bhatt. His hometown is Madikeri, the hometown of Veerayodhar. It has been many years since I came to Bangalore. Ashrita working in Canara Bank is working like Sanjeevini for hundreds of patients with passion, courage and inspiration. Ashrita, who always has the attitude of living cheerfully and saying don't care about all the troubles, has grown up with a smile since childhood. That was during 1998-99. He went to the doctor when he suddenly felt very tired and fatigued. 'Nothing, just anemia. Hemoglobin problem in girls is normal and the doctor gave medicine to increase Hb. The effect of the drug was increasing blood volume. A few days later, another situation. When the level of Hb falls further, it is a condition where one cannot stand up and walk. After visiting the Manipal-Mangalore hospitals, many tests were done and it was found that the kidney is 50 percent damaged. Dialysis was started immediately. However, it is not a permanent solution, said the doctor. Two years passed somehow. By 2001, kidney transplants were a must. This transplant treatment was possible only if the kidney donor was a family member. The search for such a person started within the family and it was in 2002 when a donor was found. In August of that year, he was admitted to a private hospital in Chennai and underwent a kidney transplant. After that three months of hospital visits, regular check-ups. Fever, vomiting, mouth sores, fatigue, etc. are hellish from the side effects of medicines. At this time, it is not normal to move forward with self-confidence, without losing sight of life, fate, and God.

All the relatives and close ones were amazed by the courage of Ashrita-Ananth Bhatt couple who overcame all these difficult conditions and started a new life in Bangalore. Another turning point in life in 2006. That was when Ashrita got pregnant. Isn't motherhood a treasure trove of happiness for a woman? Likewise, this couple was also thrilled to know the news of the arrival of a new guest in the family. But, only the doctor told me not to take the risk of giving birth to a child as I have had a kidney transplant. Not only that, even if the baby is born, it is more likely to have an angioma. So, he had given a warning to think again about this. Here again Ashrita's trust won. In 2006, she became a mother to a cute and healthy baby. Along with the new responsibilities of motherhood, the struggle with this disease had to continue. It was not easy to take care of a child with heavy diet, office work, household maintenance... He won this challenge too. Son Shaurya is now studying in 6th standard and is not only a son but also a friend to his mother. At a young age, he has combined both patriotism and devotion to God and has accompanied his mother's laughter and pain.

In 2008, the kidney problem recurred. His transplanted kidney was damaged and he stopped working. If a new transplant is to be done, donors have to be found again. No matter how close you are, who can easily donate a kidney? Not only that, to get permission for this, there are eleven rules and wandering around many offices is inevitable. Husband Ananth patiently handled all this, met many specialists. Dialysis continued in between. It was 2010 by the time the donors were found and the kidney transplant surgery was performed. A surgery was performed at a hospital in Coimbatore, but the transplanted kidney failed within 24 hours! In addition, he had to suffer for a month due to severe fever along with infection. The doctors had given up as the situation worsened and it was doubtful whether he would survive. But, Ashrita was not ready to surrender to this. That's why he fought with death. After complete recovery, he underwent another kidney transplant surgery and returned home victorious. Now, he has been relying on dialysis for the past several years as doctors have told him that a third transplant is unlikely to succeed. Dialysis should be done three days a week. Having endured all this financial pressure, mental stress and physical suffering, Ashrita, who is a little more cheerful than ordinary people in her daily life, is now giving advice to the patients in hospitals and dialysis centers on the request of doctors, giving them encouragement and confidence. It is possible to win the battle with the disease, he advises not to let the mind weaken at this stage.

For a single difficulty, a man will be crushed! If you ask how this is possible, Ashrita says with a smile on her face. This life, life is a gift given to us by God. It should be used well. Life should be given a meaning with happiness and peace. What is the meaning of life if it is full of pain, suffering and turmoil? I have seen people in worse condition than me, I have seen people fighting death in cancer wards. I got inspiration from all of them to fight further. If you walk with the determination to live with enthusiasm and live well, the path will be easy. If you are afraid, even small difficulties will seem big. My family, office, relatives, relatives... all have helped me and given me courage.V-Padma couple, 'We have witnessed their entire life struggle. We saw Ashrita's courage and enthusiasm and helped her as much as we could. The path followed by Ashrita teaches others the importance of life and how to live life,' he says proudly. If we put aside the feeling that our own difficulties are big and look at the people around us from a realistic point of view, life lessons and inspirations are waiting for us. It is enough to light a small coin of hope that no matter what happens, we will live happily, all kinds of darkness will be removed from us. A new light takes us by the hand and moves us forward. Isn't that enough to make life worthwhile?
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