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Monday, January 1, 2024

Amarashilpi Memorial Day

  shekharagouda       Monday, January 1, 2024
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Save Tree and Save Soil

    Amarashilpi memorial day

January 1 - Amarashalpi Jakanachari Memorial Day:
A legendary sculptor who built many magnificent temples. He built temples in Kalyani Chalukya and Hoysala style at Belur and Halebid. Jakanachari was born in Kaydal, 9 km from Tumkur in Karnataka. According to some documents, the original name of this city was Gardapur. He devoted his life to art. He began his career when Nrupa Haya ruled the region. After they got married, they left home to look for work. He left and built several temples, and even forgot his wife at work.

The Hoysalas made unique contributions to sculpture in Kannada history. It is said that the art of sculpture reached its peak during the reign of Vishnuvardhana.
Jakanacharya aspired to build a Chanakasava temple in his hometown of Gardapur.After this, legend says, God saved his right hand. It is said that after celebrating this event happily, this sports city was renamed to Kaedala. For this, the word kai is used here. Vishnuvardhana's wife Shantale is famous as Natya Rani. During this period, Amarashalbi Jakanachari carved sculptures in Belur and Halbid temples. He devoted his whole life to the art of sculpture. His son Dhakanachari was also a sculptor and built the Channigaraya Temple which is a magnificent work of art. The Karnataka government annually honors the artist who has made the greatest contribution to sculpture with the Jakanachari Award.

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