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Monday, January 1, 2024

Immortal Person :Bhomaraddi

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Save Tree and Save Soil

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Immortal Person:Bhomaraddi

Koppal district, Yallaburga taluk, Beni Koppada
Mr. Manya Bhomardi Basavabha is an enterprising businessman

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An adventurous man from a dark story
His story is an inspiration to sick and helpless souls. These masters introduced the oil industry to the country, creating jobs for millions and free education for poor children. He is credited with introducing many industries to India at that time. He was an explorer who gave impetus to a new industry at a time when there were no media. Basavappa Bhoomareddy is a trusted man and works like Kayakawe_Kailasa and is known in the country as the Oil King. A person who rose from nothing to the pinnacle of philanthropy. 

He was born in 1885 in Bunkoba village, Yalburga, Koppal district. Primary education in a private school run by Veerana Gaudru from Basalapur in Bannikoppa. Mathematics is Basavappa's favorite subject. Because his family was poor, he could only study until the sixth grade. After that, he joined Kopal Cooking Oil Store as a salesman. He then opened his own small grocery store in Bunnykooppa. During the cotton harvest season, he often returns home to buy cotton. Then they would go around the villages and sell pepper and fennel seeds. From there, he started working as a cashier for a brokerage firm in Gadag. Because of her dedication to her work, Anna increased her shares in the company. He works hard and understands the depth and breadth of the profession. By working this way, he became a business partner for more people. Bhumardi Basavappa was the first to introduce bus services in North Karnataka. Unable to invest in this project alone, he gathered 3 people in the transportation field and started implementing bus services. 

The Bagalkot-Ilakkal Madhya bus route was approved in 1917. But people started running away due to the noise of the buses. The reason is that the bus is not filled with air and is very durable. He realized that the industry was losing money due to lack of feedback from people. The government revoked the bus license and the company ceased operations in 1919. They then had two buses. Basavappa then deposited the funds in Hyderabad State with the Nizam and signed an exclusive agreement with the Nizam for five years for transporting buses. In 1920, PV Bomareddy founded his own company called Garantie Motor Service. Employees are treated like children in the family. He charges Rs 50/60 per day. When the transportation industry develops well, some people cannot stand it and come into conflict with the system. The system has canceled the shipping license. Basavappa reunited with Nazarana and signed an exclusive 15-year contract. The number of buses increased from 2 to 40. In 1936, the agreement between the Nizam and Basavabha ended. After the contract with Nizaman ended, he invested his money in producing cooking oil. In 1928, an oil factory was established in Kalburgi. Construction of an oil press in Bellary in 1930. In 1931, he set up an oil mill at Yadagiri, then in 1935 at Jirabad in Telangana and at Nandida in Maharashtra. The oil produced by all the oil mills was sold in the Mumbai market. They are transported by conventional large tankers. In 1936, he opened an oil factory in Pune. 

He established an oil factory in Gajendragad in 1938. In 1940 in Saurashtra Amarilli. In 1939, he opened a brokerage shop called B.V. Bhoomaraddy & Company in Mumbai. It bought Wazira Oil Mills in Mumbai and renamed it Karnataka Oil Mills. In 1943, he established the Pakalanda Nalki Oil Plant in Mumbai. Krishna started construction of the oil plant in 1945. He established oil factories in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and became famous throughout the country and was known as the Oil King. Instead of purchasing machinery for tens of thousands of factories, he traded in Imasaba Damballa shoes from Jadu and established a leading engineering firm on Duncan Road in Mumbai. In 1936, Bhomardi Basavabha made a trip to Germany to learn about German technology. Basavappa knows Kannada, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati and is fluent enough in English for business. Basavabha coughed while eating at Baburao restaurant in Mumbai. So Baburao proudly said that he should not come to our canteen anymore. In 1930, a restaurateur named Basavabha Gauri Shankar began entertaining Anna Prasad at Kannadigas restaurant in Mumbai. In 1930, Basavappa founded the pharmaceutical company Karnataka Chemical Works. Then Dr. Tumanakatti left it to them. Later, in 1942-43, he set up a printing press called New Karnataka Printing and Publishing House in Mumbai. A cotton pressing and ginning plant was established in Gadag in 1952. The Rawa factory began operations in Gadag in 1956. B.V. In 1959, Madhya Thana Bomardi's career began in Pune and Mumbai. After building such a huge industry, he faced the problem of honest employees. The government requested an advance payment of 20 lakhs as income tax. He gave all his money to his relatives who worked here and there, then he sold and gave what was left. His gift has made an enduring name in the field of education today. He was a Mahadhani and had donated over 20 lakhs in cash at that time. In return, KL Rs 1 lakh was paid to set up B.V.B Engineering College at Hubli (originally Gadag, later shifted to Hubli) and provide necessary machinery. This is one of the best engineering colleges in the country. And honor him in his name. He also established the Kalaburaji Hyderabad Maha Vidyalaya Institute of Education named after him in Bidar. RD will build the Sangh Mumbai Karnataka. 25,000 species were transferred to Kamatari in 1940. Since then, the list of his donations has become longer and more surprising. The philosopher Bhomardi Basavabha, who allowed children to play in front of the school, declared with admiration that...

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